To the man, the mind of a woman is one of the deepest, most fascinating mysteries of God's creation.


Pull up a chair and consider:  

My wife does not seem to be the only one who sets out for the store with a  $20 note to buy one carton of milk.  When she returns I ask her for the change and discover there is none.  There is even a hint of surprise in her voice that I would have to ask and not realize that fact!

A woman's logic does not follow the normal rules of syllogism.  She doesn't realize she needs a thing until she sees it labeled 'BARGAIN'.  On impulse she can buy a dress costing $150 and firmly believe she's SAVED $100 because there was another one there for $250 which she could have bought but didn't.

Who but a woman can make the leap of logic from seeing a bus picking up passengers which reminds her she has to bake a cake for the fete?  After asking you to put a fence around the garden to keep the animals off, she will wait until you have nearly finished before coming to watch progress.  She will then calmly tell you that you've put it in the wrong place!

A woman can be frustrating, impossible to argue with, unable to see reason, be exquisitely beautiful in anger and fascinatingly mysterious.  All at the same time.

Creation was certainly not complete without them.

If it wasn't for a woman in the house, I wouldn't bother going home.  A bunch of guys sitting around in logical discussion solving the problems of the nation and footy is okay at work but would drive me to distraction at home.  She can spend my money, waste my time with wrong directions when we're driving, and misunderstand my motives, BUT I'M LOST WITHOUT HER!

Adam called her Eve which means, 'the giver of life'.  God called her Woman which means, 'the part of man with the womb.'  According to Dr Strong in his Exhaustive Concordance, there are three Hebrew words spelt the same in the Bible with different meanings:  three words, all spelt, 'Ishshah':

- Woman; Sacrifice, as an offering made by fire and it's derivative, fire.  Different, yet amazingly similar!

Who makes a house a home?  Who is it that provides the warmth like the welcoming fire in the hearth on a cold night?  Who turns the barren office or cold classroom into a warm nest?  A woman.  A bachelor pad without a woman's touch is cold and barren.  How many times do we say something needs the 'woman's touch'?

Next time you pick your children up from school, take a walk around the building and you will be able to tell a woman teacher's classroom from a man's.  The man's classroom will have a few posters and maps around the walls – the children are there to learn and that's what they'll do!  Compare that with the woman's classroom – she will have streamers, hanging mobiles, sunny pictures, pot plants, canaries and homely objects.  When the 'fire of God' burns freely in the heart of a woman anything she touches becomes warm and homely.

Whose life resembles an offering made by fire?  I'm not talking about the corny joke about the burnt offerings she serves up to you on a plate each evening!  I'm talking about the person who's at everybody's beck and call.

- She has to get up to nurse the babies in the night, while hubbie goes back to sleep;

- She even has to mother her man when the world closes in on him and then lies awake worrying, while he snores in pacified sleep.

From the beginning to end, a woman's life is a sacrifice and a fire giving warmth to the home.

Didn't we refer to her as our 'flame' during courting days?

The tragedy is that the world no longer honours her as ' women '.  She gets called, 'the wife', or 'mum', or 'the old girl', or the 'lady of the house'.  Our materialistic western culture has tried to dowse the fire in the heart of the home by pouring 'cold water' on womanhood.  Or else it has tried to remove the fire from the home and commercialize it in the marketplace as 'career-woman'.

For many women the fire has gone out.  The sacrifice is no longer 'made with fire' and their work has become sterile duty and drudgery.  They refer to themselves as 'just a housewife'.  When the fire goes out, the home goes cold.  It is no longer welcoming and the family starts to drift off in search of other fires.

Nevertheless, the God who ignited His creation and made earth homely by creating 'woman' watches over His own and revives the hearts of the faint.

God promises that 'a bruised reed He will not break' and a smoking flax He will not quench, till He sends forth justice to victory.'

Our nation needs men who will provide a shelter from the cold winds of the adversary, an environment where the fire of the Holy Spirit can fall on our homes so our wives can rejoice in their womanhood.

Keep the home fires burning brightly!


Kingston, TAS, Australia

Above Rubies #40

© Lues 2012