From Our Home to Yours

I would like to thank all those who sent gifts and wrote such encouraging messages to me for my Fiftieth Birthday.  I appreciated it greatly and felt very blessed.  Thank you for your love and thoughtfulness.  I would love to write to you all personally, but unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day.  

I was also blessed by the wonderful party which Val Stares put on for me.  These are all wonderful occasions to get together with family and old friends, aren’t they?

When this magazine arrives to you, we will be in America.  Colin and I will speaking on Godly Parenting, and also seeking to set up a base for Above Rubies in this country.  This has been in our hearts for a long time, but the right time has now come.  Our older children have left the nest.  You will have watched the weddings of our three sons through the pages of Above Rubies.  You will have also read about our daughter, Evangeline, in Uganda, and then in Israel.  She is now engaged to an American, Howard Johnson, from Minneapolis, whom she met in Israel.  They will be married in October.

Our two youngest daughters, Pearl and Serene, have come with us to America and will be singing with us in our family ministry.  This venture has been a big step of faith for us.  As we have always stated, all donations for Above Rubies go totally to printing and postage.  The hours of work that are spent to produce this magazine and handle the daily mail that pours in from 70 countries of the world is all given voluntary.

However, if God quickens your heart to help us in this new step that we have taken of sharing God’s restoration truth to families in America and wherever He may lead us, could you please ear mark your gift, ‘Colin and Nancy Campbell.’  Thank you for your support with us.  

I mustn’t forget to tell you that we received another beautiful granddaughter into our family on the 1st of March, named Gabrielle. She is very precious.  

The Mothers Share feature is always popular in Above Rubies.  We have also featured Teenagers, Grandmothers, and of course the Man’s Point of View.  However, in this coming issue I would love to hear from the Grandparents – especially the granddads, as we have not heard from them before.  I believe they are the patriarchs of the family and should be honored as such.  Grandmas and granddads, we want to hear from your wisdom.  You have much to contribute from your wealth of experience.  Please write to us.

May God’s blessing of peace be upon your home and family.

Nancy Campbell, Editress.

© Lues 2012