Above Rubies #42


It will be all over by the time you receive this magazine, but at the time of writing, the third International Conference on Population and Development is being held in Cairo (September 5th – 13th, 1994).  The ultimate aim of the UN Draft Document for this conference is to implement ways to control the population of the families of the world to no more than two children per family.  Their concern is currently with the developing countries who are still a threat to their curbing population goals – the western world already has an average of only 1.8 children per family, well below the bare replacement number of 2.1!

Influenced by radical feminists, the UN draft talks about “women's reproductive rights” and “safe motherhood”.  This however, does not mean better health for mothers in pregnancy and childbearing, but “safe childlessness” through contraception and abortion.

Leading the way among international agencies promoting population control is the UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities).  Their goal is to limit the world population to 6.26 billion by the year 2000.  To do this they report they will need to equip the developing nations with “44 billion condoms, 8.76 billion cycles of oral pills, 633 million doses of injectables, 310 million intrauterine devices and 151 million female and male sterilizations.”

However, other population planners feel that contraception alone will not be enough to fulfil their goals.  Francine Coeytaux, researcher for the US Population Council, is not alone in saying that 70 per cent of women will need at least one abortion during their lives if they are to restrict fertility to two children per family!

There was a time when abortion was known for what it was – murder of a precious unborn infant, being created in secret in the image of God.  It is now condoned by law!  As we continue to give into the erroneous and deception philosophies of the humanists and 'population controllists', what will be our future position?  Will we be controlled by these child loathers?  This is the aim of the Draft Document that is currently being debated in Cairo.

I was challenged recently when reading these words in Judges 15:11: “Don't you realize that the Philistines are rulers over us?”  This is what the men of Judah said to Samson when the Philistines were trying to arrest him.  But they were the words of the deceived.  God had given the land to the children of Israel for an everlasting covenant.  It belonged to them by divine authority.  It has been promised to them, by the oath of God, from the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and had been conquered by them under the leadership of Joshua.

But now, years later, because they had turned away from the Lord, they had been taken over again by the Philistines.  These men of Judah now acquiescingly accepted Philistine rulership over them.  They had become servants!  Yes, that was their current experience, but they had forgotten the truth!  The real truth was that the land belonged to them by God-given commission!  They were deceived!  Over the years, their minds had been slowly seduced and now a new generation had grown up believing a lie!

Will our children grow up believing a lie?  Will they believe that it is normal to have no more than two children?  Will they have forgotten that the power to procreate is a “blessing” from God and a divine mandate?  Will they have forgotten that the very first words that man ever heard from the mouth of God was, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.”  Or, if they don't forget, will they be forced to relinquish their God-given rights to the rulership of anti-God governments and the “population controllists”?  

This is already happening in one country of the world.  We are all familiar with China's one-child policy.  But have you ever stopped to think about the heartache this must be to millions of mothers and fathers in that land?  It is an instinctive desire, put within us by God, to desire children.  It is unnatural to not want children.  It is Satan who wants to destroy, kill, and steal life from us.

My heart aches for the millions of Christians in China who are faced with this dreadful law.  Stephen W. Mosher, the first Western eyewitness to China's one-child policy writes of nauseating scenes – women browbeaten into abortions and sterilizations they did not want, crying as their wombs were emptied and their tubes were tied.  He has watched full-term babies killed by lethal injection.  Those who do not consent to an abortion, face infanticide as their babies are born – the usual methods being to inject formaldehyde into the soft spot in the baby's head as it is being born, or to crush the skull by forceps.

A report in the Shanghai Daily, January 1993, tells of 53 pregnant women and their husbands who were given four days to sign abortion contracts.  When ten couples resisted, the committee decided to employ special measures”.  The ten husbands were “marched into an empty room and ordered to strip and lie face down.”  They were then “brutally beaten on the bare buttocks with a cane as many times as the number of days their wives were pregnant.”  

Ninety percent of the abortions in China are involuntary.  They are forced upon women who ache for their wombs to be “with child”.  Only a woman who longs for a baby can know the utter pain of this heartache.  Proverbs 30:25,16 says that there are four things that are never satisfied.  One is the barren womb.

Could this ever happen in the western world?  I think we are easy prey.  Much of Christendom, against God's first commandment to mankind, has sided with the humanist agenda of the two-child family.  And the present Clinton administration has refunded the UNFPA with $14.5 million, and $25.5 million more promised.  UNFPA is involved in helping China's one-child policy.  If they fund it in one country, will they yet enforce it in their own country?  What is the future for our children?  If we can be deceived about the most basic promise, the power to procreate, what hope do we offer the next generation?

It's time that we stood for truth.  It's time we acted on the truth.  As Proverbs 23:33 says, we must “Buy the truth and do not sell it.”  Whose side are we on?  Are we on God's side?  When speaking about marriage in Malachi 2:15, the question is asked, “What does God want from your union?”  God's answer comes ringing back, clear and concise, “I want a godly seed.”  This is the heart-cry of God.  We cannot confine God to our puny understanding. He is God.  He loves.  He loves life.  He wants children to be born into families.  He desires them to be born into His eternal family.  He longs to fill eternity.

His Word also says that He wants this earth to be filled.  “For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens, God Himself that formed the earth and made it; He hath established it, He created it not in vain, He formed it to be inhabited; I am the Lord and there is none else', (Isaiah 45:18) I have driven from the west coast to the east coast of America and have discovered that vast areas are sparsely populated.

“Well, what about Asian countries?”  You say.  I have driven through South East Asia, also through miles and miles of uninhabited land.  Where is the myth of the population explosion proponents?  They have a selfish, self-centered mentality that they might miss out on extra land and possessions for themselves if more people are born!  But God wants the land to be filled!  And there's still plenty of room.  Less than 3% of land in America is used for urban purposes.

Perhaps Joshua's challenge should go out into the land, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24.15

Now what family news do I have to share since the last Above Rubies?  The most notable is that our daughter, Pearl, married Charlie Barrett on the 20th March 1994.  The only one of our six children who is not married now is our 17 year-old daughter, Serene.  Our daughter, Evangeline, and her husband, Howard Johnson and their little arrows, Zadok and Sharar, have returned to Israel, the land they love.  They are living in Tiberias on the shores of Lake Galilee.  We will miss them and their special, cute little boys.  Our youngest grand-daughter, Grace, is now walking everywhere, and is absolutely gorgeous.  We don’t have any new grandchildren to report, but wait eagerly for such good news every day.

I was planning a 32 page magazine for this issue, but it didn’t work out financially – hopefully next time.  I had so many wonderful articles I wanted to include, but they’ll be waiting for next issue.  It’s time we heard from the men of our homes again.  We will once again be printing a section for men in the next issue, so husbands and fathers, can we please hear from you?  It is important to hear from the fathers of our nation.  I will also be covering the subject of discipline, so if you have any thoughts you would like to share, please write in.  It is your contributions that make Above Rubies.

May god bless you as you stand strong for truth and lead your family into the ways of truth.


Nancy Campbell, Editor

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