Healed and Blessed

Ten years ago, after the birth of our third child, I had a tubal ligation.  I felt uncomfortable about having it, but my husband and I didn’t want any more children and this seemed the most convenient thing to do.

Little did I know what kind of difficulties would follow.  I had asked my gynecologist if there were side effects and she said there were none.  However, my periods lasted three to four days longer, my flow was much heavier, and I started passing clots.  I developed mood swings, which many times, where hard on my husband and family to bear.  After three years, a physical examination revealed a likelihood of fibroids and an enlarge uterus.  I began to worry that this would lead to a hysterectomy.  The worst part was that in bringing about my own sterility I felt less than a woman.  I resigned myself to the fact that I would never bear another child, even though my husband and I talked on several occasions about adopting anther little girl.

This went on for several years.  I didn’t know until our youngest was six-years-old, that a reversal was even possible.  During this time the Lord graciously drew me closer and closer to Himself.  My relationship with my heavenly Father became firmly established and I came to a place where I knew my faith was built on a firm foundation, rooted and grounded in His Word.

As I began to seek God more and more, I hungered to know His ways and walk in them.  And my loving Father began to open my eyes to this matter of having a tubal ligation.  Through His Word I was convicted about it.  I realized I had no right to stand in His place and decide when and if I’d have children, that He is the One to open and close the womb.  I repented wholeheartedly for my part in the decision, desiring to make restitution to God for my wrong-doing by having a reversal.  I cried out to God for forgive me and heal my body.  I also asked several other Christian friends to agree with me in prayer.

Glory to God!  How He removed mountains in my life.  Not only did He completely heal me – my periods returned to normal, just like they had been before the ligation, the fibroids disappeared and my uterus returned to normal size and position!

He also moved on my husband.  After I shared my convictions, Greg also repented of our decision to sterilize, but he was not yet fully convinced that I needed to have a reversal.  However, through a series of circumstances my dear husband also came to the conviction that we needed to make restitution and decided I should undergo a reversal operation as soon as we could arrange it.

Throughout the summer of 1992 I began to prepare for a birth.  I knew that God was gong to give us a child so I visited the local consignment shops and yard sales and picked up some maternity and baby clothes.  Information about doctors who perform reversals as a ministry came to us, money for the surgery was made available as most insurance companies don’t pay, and all the arrangements for accommodation and travel fell into place.  I knew that when Greg and I opened our hearts to receive His blessings, the children that God had planned to give us from the foundations of the earth, a whole new direction for our family would emerge.

On October 13th, 1992 I regained my womanhood, so to speak, and within a year and ten days, on October 23rd 1993 our precious daughter, Jessica Katherine, was born.  As an older other, 38 years old now, my parents were concerned about my health and the baby’s, but God is faithful.  Her APGAR score after one minute was ‘9’ and after five minutes a ‘perfect 10’!

Jessica is a great blessing and joy to us.  She was literally born of much fervent prayer as all this process started as a result of our daughter’s (our third child) simple but earnest prayers for a little sister, long before I ever knew there was such a thing as a tubal reversal.

True to the Lord’s Word to my heart, our family has definitely been turned to a new direction.  I am anticipating great spiritual and physical fruitfulness in these last days before our Lord’s return.

Sandra Smith

Russellville, Kentucky, USA

© Lues 2012