I Was Deceived!

We hardly ever used contraceptives as the Pill didn’t agree with me, so our first son, Ben, was only 16 months old when our second son, Brody, was born.  Our third child, a little girl, was born nearly three years after our second.  She seemed to complete our family.

Her birth was a family affair, an absolutely wonderful experience for us all.  It was all so beautiful that at the time I can remember thinking that I was sure I could do it again, but then my flesh would say, “No, you already have three under four years.  Any more and you’d never cope.  You’d never get of the house.  You’d never have time to yourself.”  Flesh won over my spirit’s desire.

I started thinking about a vasectomy for my husband.  I thought I’d been through enough and it was time for my husband to have something done.  But my spirit was still disturbed.  I tried to find something in the Bible and got confused so I asked a few ladies in the church.  They had no wisdom to offer either, so I took things into my own hands and urged my husband to have the vasectomy, trying to paint a pretty picture about the conscience of it.

Our daughter was only six-weeks-old when my husband had the vasectomy.  It was only later that we came to realize the truth on the whole matter and were convicted of what we’d done.  I can now see how I was deceived.  Once again, as in the Garden of Eden, my deception caused my husband to fall.  I was deceived by the devil’s plan that children are a burden; they cost too much and take up too much time.

We are now very close to be able to pay for the reversal and are excited about having more children.  Our three children constantly talk about future brothers and sisters.  We take the matter of having more children very seriously.  We understand that we need to be responsible for them and for their future.  At this present time we are preparing for our future generations just as Abraham did.

Tracey McDonald

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

© Lues 2012