From Our Homes to Yours

May the warmth of God’s love fill your home today.


Please forgive me, but I can’t help showing you some photos of our six grandchildren. It is so wonderful to see another generation coming along, isn’t it? Evangeline is expecting her third baby in early January so we are waiting excitedly for our seventh grandbaby. If the Lord does not come first, I’m looking forward to seeing our great-grandchildren.

The years certainly roll by so fast. It seems like just the other day when I gave birth to our oldest son, Wesley. Yesterday I reminded Chanel (Wes and Sharon’s daughter who is eight years old) that she is now the same age that her aunties were when they were flower girls at her parent’s wedding. It’s hard to believe that it was ten years ago. There were 18 people in Wes and Sharon’s wedding party, and Wes’s sister, Serene, and Sharon’s sister, Michele, were flower girls when they were eight years old.

Now that Serene has grown, she spends most of her time singing with her sister, Pearl. Well, that is nothing unusual. Serene has never stopped singing from the time she could talk. Her whole life is a song. I always know when Serene is coming because I hear her voice before I hear her footsteps. It is such a joy to the home to hear her melodic voice from every room she enters. Even today, she unconsciously sings wherever she goes – in the car, in supermarkets or walking along the street – bursting forth with joyous song, oblivious to all around her. She often breaks forth in song in the middle of the meal table until everyone tells her to be quiet!

Pearl has always loved to sing too, and has been writing songs since a little child. Their recent album, “Crazy Stories,” is now available in all Christian book shops. Pearl and Charlie’s’ little baby, Meadow Joyce, is doing so well. Serene, her second mother, calls her the “Cellulite Queen!” The Hebrew understanding for the word, ‘breast’ means ‘that which is enough.’ How true! Babies thrive on the breast, without added formulas and supplements.

I will leave you with this quotation, “Children are like camellias, easily marred by careless handling.” Remember, your children don’t belong to you. They belong to God. He has given you the privilege and serious task of training them for Him. He is your highest Employer. Don’t take your task lightly.

May God give you wisdom and strength for this divine assignment.




Franklin, Tennessee, USA.

From Missionary Val


I have just returned from a week’s Family Convention in Papua, New Guinea. Francie Williams, one of our wonderful Above Rubies team members accompanied me. (Each time Above Rubies is printed, all the Australian and many overseas magazines are packaged and parcelled at Gospel Light House Church, where David and Francie pastor.)

We were greeted at the airport by about 20 people with beautiful lei’s made from fresh frangipani flowers. On arriving in PNG, I learned that the men beat their wives and here I had a message on submission burning on my heart. Praise God, the message was received with much repentance and God began to move. God knitted Francie’s and my messages together in a way that we could never have planned ourselves, even if we’d had the time. There were several hundred women at the day sessions and over 2,000 at the Sunday night rally which they held in the sports stadium. We were stretched, squeezed and wrung out of everything they could get from us. They were so excited and hungry. We spoke on five different programs on the national radio so the message of Above Rubies is still being preached. We also dedicated 40 babies to the Lord.

By the way, we had the new experience of having an interpreter. Many speak Pidgin English and couldn’t understand us. “Big Fella Jesus and Papa God who makum pretty good bloke” were about all we could grasp. We now have a new grace for mealtimes. “Tank you Papa God lonn dis pella kai kai (food). Me pella askum you lonn blessin kai kai stron(g) in body belonga me pella. Tank you Papa God for big pella Jesus who makum me pretty good bloke.”

Although taking the Family Convention was the main reason we went, I also had it on my heart to establish an Above Rubies base in PNG. Mission accomplished. Margaret Walters, a national, is now our Above Rubies Coordinator for PNG. She is a beautiful woman of God, respected and honoured amongst the women, and has taken on this vision with her husband’s blessing. Joseph, Margaret’s husband is a powerful evangelist, a humble and godly man, leading his people into a strong relationship with their Lord God. They have five children and live by faith. Josephine Komey is helping Margaret so she knows what to do when she gets back to Ghana as she would like to set up a base for Above Rubies in her country.

Our new little grand-daughter, Kaylah Barbara is beautiful. She ‘goos’ and talks and gets all excited with her brother and sisters. She’s a little ‘butter ball’ even though she is fully breastfed. Natalie manages really well with her five little ones. I am so proud of her. Calais and Jaeger continue to do well with their homeschooling lessons. A hearing test on Jaeger who is four years, diagnosed him to be half deaf. Even so, the one-on-one tutoring that home education offers is a real blessing as he is progressing really well.

Helen, whose little baby Joshua died at birth, is now five months pregnant and delighted with the ‘kicks’ that indicate life in her womb.



Australian Coordinator

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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