About three years ago, I had a positive pregnancy test.  It was a happy surprise!  I would be the mother of four children.

After only a few weeks I started to bleed.  My heart sank so far down.  I never thought I would have a miscarriage.  I was healthy and my previous pregnancies flew by with ease.  I love pregnancy, being in labour and nursing.  When I started bleeding I felt my baby's life had ended.  I went to the bathroom and caught my baby.  I rinsed off the debris and there was a perfect sac, about the size of a half dollar.  Inside was my baby.

What a sadness I felt.  My children were so disappointed.  Later that evening my seven-year-old son asked me, “Mommy, where did our baby go?”  I told him that I believe he went to heaven to be with Jesus.  My son said, “Get everyone together, I want to pray,”  We gathered on my bed and my son prayed, “Jesus, please watch over our baby up there and don't let anything happen to him.”  What a precious moment.

I went to the doctor when I had my miscarriage and took my baby in a jar.  The doctor told me she was going to send it to the lab.  Oh how I wish I had brought my little baby home to bury him/her.  My husband was out of town while all this took place.  If I would have brought the baby home he could have seen him/her too.

Time has passed and healing has taken place.  I think about my baby and wonder if that little baby would have had dark hair like my other children.  Thank the Lord that someday I will see this little one in heaven.



Marissa, Illinois, USA

Since this experience, God has blessed Julie with another baby.  Her name is Moriah Kate, a beautiful dark haired baby who was born at home.



In a study conducted at McGill University in Montreal, researchers found that consuming as little as 48 milligrams of caffeine – about the amount in half a cup of coffee – daily during the month before conceiving boosted miscarriage risk by 29 percent.  Consuming the same amount during pregnancy boosted the risk by 15 percent.  Each additional 100milligrams of caffeine daily increased the risk by another 22 percent.  That is the amount of caffeine in eight ounces of coffee, 165 ounces of tea or eight to 15 ounces of soft drinks that contain caffeine. (AP wire service, December 11, 1993)


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