A word from Chamonix


Dear Above Rubies readers; precious mothers…. 

It is a true honor and with great excitement that I sit down to write in this newsletter to you… and I can remember so clearly how as a teenage girl and young adult how I would await with great expectation and anticipation the next issue of Above Rubies due in the mail any day…the first thing I would do was to read through Linnie’s newsletter, how I admired her family…. And then I would read each article, each story with such longing for my motherhood journey to begin…. I have always wanted to be a mommy, from a very young age that is all I can remember ever wanting; to have sweet babies…. And it is such a joy, such a blessing and oh what a privilege… but it is also a great responsibility, and it can be so challenging at times, and that is why I so treasure Above Rubies even more than ever, each encouraging word, each article breathes new life, hope and enthusiasm into this motherhood journey… that is why I feel honored to be a part of this ministry, to the mothers and families in South Africa and surrounds, to find encouragement through Gods word and His people and to be blessed by Above Rubies.

I am a homeschooled girl; my dear mother is Martie du Plessis from Dymanis. And for those of you that don’t know, Dynamis is a ministry that empowers families and helps parents that would like to home educate their children, my mom and I began this journey many years ago and we traveled through South Africa on a regular basis (how we met the Lues family), me doing my home schooling, learning, serving and growing and my mom assisting families.  God is always at work, connecting people for His purposes!

I am a passionate lover of horses (and am blessed with 16 beautiful 4 legged babies!), married to a cattle farmer, My strong and steady Justin Boland and we live in the beautiful highland mountains, bordering Lesotho in the Eastern Free State, just outside Clarens. I married young at 21 in 2008 and God blessed us with babies soon after…. Nicholas-Christion is 7, Evangeline-Faythe 6, Caleb-Eathen 4, Maia-Hope 2 and Benjamin-Fergus 1. And hoping for more!  I have had beautiful births, the first 3 in hospital and the last 2 were home water births with my dear midwife Sue King. (Although our Benjamin was unplanned unassisted)  

I am passionate about Child Birth, Labour and Breast Feeding and passionate about assisting mothers emotionally on the birth and nursing journey either as a doulah, or with Lamaze breathing, focus and relaxation techniques and  then I follow le leche breast feeding guidelines when assisting lactating mothers…. This is a passion I choose to share with other mommies because it is such a blessing to birth powerfully and nurse well and this marks the first on your journey as mother, to submit your body as a sacrifice unto God through carrying, birthing and nursing His children with joy and gladness!!

We also assist on Justin’s family Guest farm; Sunnyside Guest farm, with everyday mundane running of the business tasks, maintenance and reservations as well as help look after Justin’s Granny (86) who runs the guest farm and lives on the property.

We home school our little blessings, although they mostly just live life with us, sharing in our many daily task pertaining to farm and guest farm life, working alongside us and serving their family and others in that way and now they too will share in this marvelous Above Rubies journey that can encourage and bless others. And impact future generations of mothers and fathers!!

We look forward to this special journey with you… and as Linnie says, become partners with you in Above Rubies SA as we take hands to keep Above Rubies coming into SA!

Warm regards  and love x

Chamonix Boland and family x

© Lues 2012