February 2012

Dear Above Rubies Reader,

May I wish you a blessed new Year!  It is my prayer that you will experience the love, guidance, protection and peace of the Lord in your home for 2012!

Above Rubies #82

By now you should all have received Above Rubies #82.  I hope you enjoyed reading the inspiring articles by Wives and Mothers who long to bring glory to the Lord by the way they care and love their families. I know you will love this edition of Above Rubies, as always. 

Above Rubies Resources 

Over the past year I got many enquiries on Above Rubies Resources, as advertised in the back of the Above Rubies magazine.  Currently Above Rubies South Africa can only carry the main stream resources of Above Rubies.  That is The Power of Motherhood, The Family Meal Table and Hospitality, Where are the Real Men of God, Be Fruitful and Multiply, The Gate-Keepers of the Home and 100 Days of Blessings.  To bring in the whole range of resources into South Africa, made it so much more expensive than when you order one or two items directly from Nancy herself.  Thus we sometimes ended up with resources for years, which put a huge financial stress on Above Rubies South Africa, since we pay for these resources as soon as it land in South Africa.

In the past year Nancy gave out two inspiring e-books: Encouraging your Husband and Encouraging your Children, and since these were e-books, it wasn’t my intention to bring them in. But I got so many enquiries on the hard cover books and since I myself love a hard cover book more than reading an e-book on the computer, I decided to order these two books with the next shipment of Above Rubies magazines!

Yes, they will be available in South Africa, shortly!  We hope to receive these in the next 6 weeks, so please keep an eye on the Above Rubies South Africa website and Above Rubies South Africa Facebook Group (read on).

Above Rubies South Africa’s Own Facebook Group

Many of you may know Sharon Whall, my absolute right hand with Above Rubies, who writes the welcome letters to new subscribers and sent out your first batch of previous edition Above Rubies magazines.  Sharon and I created a Facebook group for Above Rubies South Africa.  On this group Sharon posts weekly encouragements especially for wives and mothers who want to raise the next generation of Godly families.  I will post important information and make announcements on when the next Above Rubies will be available, resources etc.  You are also welcome to ask questions on this group and make announcements of new additions to your families and we will rejoice with you in the new Blessing! The group is a closed group, thus family and Facebook friends will not be able to see your postings or comments.

This group is not a page, you don’t ‘like’ it, you need to apply for membership.  Just use this link and you will be taken to the Facebook group and you can apply for membership.  I encourage you to become part of this group, to stay up to date with news and to receive encouragement in your high calling as a Godly Wife and Mother in a crooked and corrupt world.  You don’t need to spend hours on Facebook due to this group.  Just check in once a week, be encouraged and keep pushing forward raising your Godly Family for the Lord.

Your e-mail and slow mail addresses

Currently 99% of new subscriptions are through the internet and that provide us with your valuable e-mail address which make it quick and easy to communicate with you.  But every time I send out a Newsletter I got so many e-mails back from Readers who didn’t change their e-mail addresses when it changed, and now they are lost for electronic communication.  Since we want to keep all our South African Readers up to date, we send out a slow mail Newsletter with the Above Rubies Magazine to those of whom we don’t have e-mail addresses. To print a newsletter cost extra money and we want to encourage you to please keep us posted when your e-mail address change.  If you received a snail mail newsletter with your magazine, I don’t have your e-mail address. Please take the time, now if possible, to send me your e-mail address.

That applies to your snail mail address as well.  With the posting of every Above Rubies magazine we receive tens of envelopes back.  That is sad, since that Reader will not receive her magazine, unless she starts to miss her magazine, remember to change her address or do an enquiry and it wastes valuable donation money when an envelope comes back with no destination. Please remember to pop me an e-mail and change your addresses, when applicable.


In the past 13 months, since December 2010, we sent out 3 Above Rubies magazines, but only one in 2011. Many of you have enquired, concerned that they didn’t receive their magazines.  Above Rubies aims to send out four magazines a year, but that isn’t possible if we don’t have the necessary funds.  Just to send out Above Rubies in South Africa costs us thousands of rands; we want to contribute to Above Rubies in America and we desperately try to save up enough funds to bring Nancy and Colin Campbell to South Africa for a few retreats throughout the country.  This will only be possible if we receive donations from you, our readers.  Will you please consider to make a donation to Above Rubies South Africa.  

Your letters

I want to thank each of you who pop me an e-mail every now and then.  It is so encouraging to receive your letters of love, interest, personal testimonies and family news!  I don’t always answer your e-mail, if it doesn’t contain an enquiry, but do know I cherish your e-mail and please keep them coming.  

Lues Family News  

Those of you who don’t read my blog: In January 2011 we discovered I was pregnant again and was overjoyed. The whole family was looking forward in anticipation to the new addition to our family. Sadly, at 12 weeks we couldn’t find a heartbeat and three days later I naturally miscarried our tiny baby.  This was our 4th miscarriage, but the first after 7 healthy pregnancies and naturally delivered children and such an unexpected shock to our family.  I have to confess it took me months to emotionally recover from the loss and I still mourn the loss of my baby in this world, but do know I can look forward to spend eternity to get to know my child I haven’t know on earth.  

As the months passed following my miscarriage and I didn’t get pregnant again, I had to work through the realization that I’m probably entering a new season in my biological clock and would not hold another tiny baby of my own in my arms again.  That was another loss in itself, I had to work through.  Needless to say I spend hours of questioning and crying out to the Lord in 2011.  Many dear friends gave birth exactly the same time I was due, and that didn’t make it easier.  But the Lord had to work a good work in me, and it was all to my growth and maturity, though not the easy road. 

By the 2nd of October, the day after my due date, I was hopeless in pain, when I realized I wasn’t pregnant before baby was due.  With my previous three miscarriage I was always pregnant before my babies’ due dates.  For another month I desperately lean on the Lord and by middle September I could hold a dear Friends’ new born baby and knew it is well with my soul. I would always long for my tiny baby, but I could move on, trusting my loving Father that He works everything for good.

Then by the first week of December there were two pink lines on a pregnancy test…  I was pregnant again!  At the same time I started reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.  Over the past year or two I read tens of blogs with thanksgiving lists, but sadly I didn’t know exactly what the purpose of these lists were.  As I read through One Thousand Gifts, I discovered the interconnection between giving thanks and trusting the Lord. Since the Garden of Eden, Satan’s ultimate goal is to make us doubt God’s goodness.  As I worked on my habit of giving thanks, naming the things I’m thankful for, not merely slapping a sloppy brush of thanksgiving over everything in my life - “I have so much to be thankful for…”, I was starting to trust my God more and more.  I also read about giving the hard thank you’s - giving thanks during times of hard breaking pain.  It was a revelation to me that giving thanks in everything and every situation, also the times I would prefer the circumstances to be different, that heartfelt thanksgiving, always precedes a miracle.  

And while I was pondering this new revelation, I miscarried our tiny baby again at 12 weeks.  I desperately held on to thanksgiving, and God worked a miracle in me.  I experienced God like never before, His fingerprints all over my life, holding me, comforting me, caring for me and provide for me.  

We never know what a new year is holding, but we can trust our God and Father, to work it  for our good.  I want to urge you to deepen your trust in the Lord, by giving thanks in everything for everything.

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May the Lord fill you with His Love and Peace and work in you maturity through grace and truth.

Much love

Linnie and Family

© Lues 2012