July 2009

May mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you. May your home overflow with the praises of the Lord. May your walls rebound with laughter. May love spill over from one to the other. Above all, may the anointing of God’s presence fill every room.

We received Above Rubies #76

Since Above Rubies runs totally by the donations of its readers, Nancy Campbell were waiting for the money to come in before they could go to print with Above Rubies #76.  But God is always faithful and after six months Above Rubies were in print again.  

Since we waited six months between Above Rubies #74 (September 2008) and Above Rubies #75 (March 2008) because our magazines had been left behind at the printers, and not sent out, we didn’t wait so long for Above Rubies #76!  We thought the magazines were still at sea, when we got word they needed our paperwork and expected the shipment to dock the next week.

Praise the Lord, everything went smooth with the documentation and on Thursday they delivered 14 boxes of Above Rubies magazines!  


Please make sure we have any address changes.  With the last posting of Above Rubies #75 I received back15 undelivered envelopes!  That amounts to almost R100.  We really don’t want to waste donation money on returned mail and most importantly, those 15 mothers did not receive their magazines!

If you have any change in your details, can you please reply on this e-mail by Friday 3 July? I am currently updating the mailing list and need your changes urgently.



We, want to remind you that Above Rubies is a free magazine and we want it to stay that way.  However, we can only keep importing and distributing in South Africa if you help with your donation.  We encourage those with a burden to see marriages and families restored back to God’s ways, to give liberally, so we can continue to strengthen families across the Southern part of Africa.

Will you please prayerfully consider making a monthly contribution to Above Rubies SA? We suggest a donation of R10 or R20 per month per reader, that way we can influence our nation even more.  It is the consistent donations that make the difference.  

Thank you very much to those of you who already give a donation on a regular basis.  You are making a huge difference in South Africa!

Prayer for Coetzee family

Karen Coetzee, homeschooling mother of Kaitlyn (nearly 12yr), Belinda (10yr), Joshua (nearly 7yr), Emma (5yr), Jessica (3yr) & Daniel (nearly 19months) suffered a stroke/brain hemorrhage on Saturday the 13th of June  and past away during the early hours of  Sunday 21st of June, with her husband Wayne & her sister Janet by her side.  She is leaving behind her precious 6 children.

Karen Coetzee was a wonderful, strong, organized, knowledgeable, Godly woman, homeschooling mother & wife; someone who understood the calling to motherhood & followed it all the way despite the sacrifices.

Adele Breedt of the Eastern Cape Homeschooling Association sent out this letter and I want to put it in our newsletter for your prayers, please:

Dear Homeschooling Family

Wayne’s heart is to keep , Kaitlyn (nearly 12yr), Belinda (10yr), Joshua (nearly 7yr), Emma (5yr), Jessica (3yr) & Daniel (nearly 19mnths) together & at home for now – I know this is what Karen would also have wanted. As many of you have also shared: the children have enough to deal with without adding the trauma of separation & the demands of public school. They need time to grieve together.

To this end we’re wanting to have a Brainstorming Meeting at the Wyatts home to see how we, the Homeshooling Community, can practically make this happen even if only until the end of the year when we can reassess. A few of us have been thinking of various options which include nannies, aupairs & tutors (not that we have many in EL!). However the children need to be nurtured more than they need to be schooled. Very few aupairs/tutors understand the homeschooling lifestyle & will be able to meet the various children’s emotional needs without adding more stress to the equation. The ideal (in my opinion) would be that the children spend their days together with another relaxed homeschooling family that will be attentive to their emotional needs & not be stressing about the academics or household chores. This family will however need lots of grace & help to achieve this as it will be a tremendous sacrifice for their own children. Help for this family will possibly include supplies, a maid to see to the housekeeping, a nanny or two and other families joining in on certain days to do specific activities with certain age groups to help lighten the load.

We’ll take our ideas & suggestions to Wayne for consideration after the meeting. All funds collected to date will be used to help implement the solution. We will also need monthly donations for at least 6 months. The financial burden however doesn’t just lie with us, Homeschoolers & Curriculum Providers nationally have offered their assistance & support – we just have to join hands and hearts and find a practical way to make it happen!

Please give this your prayerful consideration & join us on:

Tuesday 30 June

At 6pm

At the Wyatts Home (Thornpark)

Tel: 043 730 7033 (Wendy)

To follow are the Banking Details for donations. The Wyatts (the children stayed for some time with Barry & Wendy Wyatt - who have 5 children of their own) have asked that any donations be paid into the Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association’s Banking Account as it will be easier to give accountability in this way. The funds will go to the Wyatts to try to recoup their expenses at the very least & the remainder (if any) to Wayne Coetzee.

Account Name: ECHSA 

Standard Bank (Frere Square,Vincent)
Branch Code: 053621
Savings Account #: 182847470
Reference: COETZEE (& your name)

Golden Oldy Above Rubies Articles !!

Those of you that have visited our website would have read our Golden Oldie Above Rubies Articles.  We have already posted a few of these precious issues of Above Rubies, which isn’t available anymore.

I want to thank those readers who faithfully typed these Above Rubies for us to put on the website.  

I especially want to thank one very special lady who typed most of the articles you can currently read on the website.  Her name is Sharon Whall.

Sharon lives almost next to me in Durbanville and is an Above Rubies Subscriber since October 2005.  Every time I had a magazine I wanted to put on the web, I just let her know, she would pick it up and within days all the articles would be in my inbox, waiting to be posted on the Website.  

Sharon, I want to thank you so much for all the hours you sacrifice in front of your computer for us to read these precious articles. Thank you for your faithfulness and the love you put into typing these articles. May God return these hours in hundred fold.

If any of you have back issues of Above Rubies as far as the 1980’s, will you please make a copy and send it to me, so we can put it on the website for all to read?

I Got Help!

About two months ago I realized I needed urgent help with Above Rubies.  There is a constant income of new subscribers and I couldn’t stay on top of sending out magazines to these new subscribers.  One evening while I was making Daniel asleep, I cried out to the Lord asking Him what to do.  Immediately He put a name in my mind.  The next day I call her and now I have help with our new subscribers.

All our new subscribers over the past two months have already met Sharon in the welcome letter she sends with their magazines.  I know how much these handwritten welcome letters meant to Above Rubies Readers and want to thank Sharon for the encouragement and love she puts in those letters!  You are a real blessing to Above Rubies, Sharon!  Welcome on the Above Rubies South African Team!!  


Family News!

Our family is doing fine.  CJ is turning 15 in August, Heidi-Mari 12 in 10 days and Josua 9 also in August.  Danika turned 6, two weeks ago and Andrew 4, the day after.  David is now 2 ½ years old en Daniel will turn 1 in August.  Yes, six of my seven children celebrate their birthdays within 10 weeks!  All I do during this time of year, is planning birthday surprises!!   

And the best news of all:  I am 10 weeks pregnant with Baby Lues #8!  For more news on the family check out my blog at

Encouraging word

Train your children with a lasting conviction in your mind, that most of it depends on you.

Grace is the strongest of all principles. See what a great change grace effects when it comes into the heart of an old sinner—how it overturns the strongholds of Satan—how it throws down mountains, and fills up valleys—makes crooked things straight—and newly creates the whole man. Truly nothing is impossible for grace.

 Nature, too, is very strong. See how it struggles against the things of the kingdom of God—how it fights against every attempt to be more holy—how it keeps up an unceasing warfare within us to the very last hour of life. Indeed, nature is strong.

But after nature and grace, undoubtedly, there is nothing more powerful than education. Early habits are very important. We are made what we are by training. Our character takes the form of that mold into which our first years are cast. It has been said, that, "Education has a tremendous effect on men's opinions and thinking habits. What children learn in the nursery will be displayed throughout their lives."—Cecil. We heavily depend on those who bring us up. We get from them a taste and a bias which clings to us most of the days of our lives. We learn the language of our mothers and fathers, and learn to speak it almost without thinking, and unquestionably we catch something of their manners, ways, and mind at the same time. Time will tell, how much we all owe to early impressions, and how many things in us may be traced back to the seeds sown in the days of our infancy, by those who were around us. A very educated Englishman, has gone so far as to say: "That of all the men we meet with, nine out of ten are what they are, good or bad, useful or not, according to their education"—Locke

And all this is one of God's merciful arrangements. He gives your children a mind that will receive impressions like moist clay. He gives them a disposition at the starting-point of life to believe what you tell them, and to take for granted what you advise them, and to trust your word rather than a stranger's. He gives you, in short, a golden opportunity of doing them good. See that you do not neglect such an opportunity. Once you let it slip, it is gone forever.

J.C. Ryle in his sermon on The Duties of Parents.

May this encourage you!

Lots of love

Linnie Lues

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