From Our Home to Yours

I edited the last Above Rubies in a winter wonderland of snow.  This time I am back by the rolling surf on the Gold Coast of Australia.  It is winter again but this time it is a winter of sun and blue skies.  I am only here on the Coast for a few weeks before flying back to the USA again and so am disciplined to the computer to edit this magazine – so little time to catch up with friends.  Haven’t even got to the beach yet.  I’ll just have to put my toes in the water before I leave.

But last night was special.  It was a mother and daughters-in-law night out.  Sharon was also home from America, visiting her parents on the Gold Coast so four of us were together again.

Moments together with family are the most precious moments in life, aren’t they?  Oh how we miss the days when all our family were still at home.  While I am here enjoying my daughters-in-law, my own three daughters are back in America.

Another special was to see my two granddaughters together.  Five year old Chanel was so excited to play with her little 17 month old cousin, Gabrielle, whom she met for the first time.

What fun they had together as she mothered her, played hide-and-seek with her, wheeled her in the pushchair and helped change her nappies.  Gabrielle even learnt to say her name!  She was already saying ‘Nana’ when I arrived.  Stephen and Simone had trained her well!  I’m now looking forward to the birth of Evangeline’s baby, due in October, the anniversary of their wedding day.

My Constant encouragement to younger mothers is to enjoy every moment with your children.  They grow up so quickly and leave the nest.  Colin and I would love to have had more children.  No career or material possessions can ever be as important to us as our children – eternal living souls whom God gives us to train on His behalf.  We need to see our children from God’s point of view.  The primary reason for having children is not just for our benefit, but for God’s purposes.

I like Dake’s commentary of Psalm 127:4, 5.  “Each child will in the process of time be a defense, support and propagation of the eternal reproduction of man and fulfillment of the plan of God for man.  The more arrows one has, the more enemies he will slay, the more powerful will he be in the earth.  The more children born and saved to help God administer the affairs of the eternal plan for man, the more reward God will have.”  Yes, God gives our children as ‘n reward to us, but we have the privilege of training them to be a reward for Him.

A survey done among Christian Families in America revealed that those whose income was in the $50,000 -$60,000 bracket wanted less children than those who where earning under $20,000!  How sad that even among Christians, material aspirations are more important than present and future children.  How short-sighted we are.  We can’t take any of our possessions with us.  They will all be left behind.  The only thing we can take into eternity apart from our own redeemed soul are the redeemed eternal souls of our children.  

May we begin to see how God sees.  May our hearts begin to feel again the heartbeat of God’s heart.

I pray that you and your family will be blessed of the lord.

Nancy Campbell  

© Lues 2012