There’s Always a Way

It was January 1981 and I was not walking with the Lord.  I was totally horrified to find that I was pregnant again, only one year after my third daughter was born.  Having had an IUD inserted nine months previously, I had not even considered the possibility of having another baby.

I did not realize at the time that I had already lost the baby and yet retained the placenta.  My pregnancy seemed normal until February when I became very ill with septicemia and was admitted to the hospital.  The specialist could see that there was no baby and the next day performed a D & C.

I was very ill for two months and became very fearful about getting pregnant again.  I went on the Pill which gave me thrush continually, so I could see only one other choice.  I had to do something permanent for my own sanity and decided to have a tubal ligation.

In April 1981, I consulted the same specialist who had treated me in the hospital and asked him about a tubal ligation.  As my husband would not consent to this and I was only 22years old, the surgeon said he could not do it.  I then told him that it was my body and legally I could do what I liked!  I was in a terrible state mentally and thought this was the only answer, so he finally agreed to do the operation.

My husband warned me that if I went through with it he would make me leave our home, but of course I thought it was all talk and did not listen.  I had the tubal liagation in August thinking it would solve all my problems and finally expel my fears of pregnancy.  My husband stood by what he said, so I took our daughters and went to my parents’ home.  We were both very bitter and said a lot of things that we later regretted.

With my marriage on the verge of collapse, I turned completely back to the Lord.  He was the only one who could save the lives I had nearly destroyed.  He surrounded me with His love, grace and peace; peace I had never felt before, and His assurance that we would be going home.  I gave everything to Him completely.  Within a week we were home again, which was not easy, but God brought us through months of forgiving, loving, and trusting each other again.  My husband was not a Christian but God was strengthening me day by day and also changing me.  

I never thought I would desire another baby, but by December 1982 the desire was there.  These desires grew stronger every day.  God showed me scripture after scripture how the women of the Bible trusted God for their children and He wanted me to do so too.  He also showed me that we were to name our son, Daniel Thomas. 

I didn’t know anything about a reversal so God had to lead the way.  I did a lot of praying and asked for less than two months wait for the operation.  The first hurdle was to convince the surgeon, but he too was a Christian and I was able to share with him how I was trusting God, so he agreed. 

The nest step was the money, as it had to be done in a private hospital.  I thought for sure there was no way.  My husband said he would pay half the expenses if I would pay the other half.  I didn’t have the money, but God placed a person on my heart and deciding this was the final test, I rang him up.  Not only did he say I could have the money, but I would not have to pay it back! 

Four days later I entered the hospital and underwent the operation.  I had asked my husband to pray for me.  I felt he had, and as I was waking up the lord showed me that the rift between the two of us was completely healed, without even a scar left. 

February 6th, 1984, Daniel Thomas was born.  Praise God!


Sue Flintoff

Keri Keri, New Zealand

© Lues 2012