Though by my physical self I bear many children, and yet am not a mother, I am become as useless as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.

And though I major in psychology and child behaviours and all related educational courses so that I am a specialist in these fields, and am not a mother, I am nothing.

And although I faithfully give my excellent wages to charitable organizations, and join in protest marches for the poor and am not a mother, it profits my family and me nothing.

Mothers put in long hours at home and are gracious about it.  They envy not the nine-to-five office working women, for they have set themselves higher goals than earthly riches.  They are not haughty or self righteous over their role, for they realize the enormous responsibility that is theirs.  Mothers do not behave unseemly.  They know their actions are noticed by even the smallest ones in their care.

Mothers are patient, always praying that their children will grow up to be respected citizens.  When other women's children go astray and end up in trouble, a true mother does not rejoice.  She weeps with those who weep.

A mother does not turn a deaf ear to lies.  As deeply as the truth may hurt her soul, she demands it of her children and herself.

A mother bears all things.  She is a peace teacher.  She takes her pains and her anxieties to her heavenly father, and comes back to her task with a new strength and trust for the future.

God ordained that there will always be mothers.  Mothers make mere brick and mortar a warm and loving home.  Whether there be rich Spanish living room suites, they shall fail, or fabulous weekly allowances, they shall cease, whether there be cars for every member of the family, these shall vanish away.

For the earthly possessions cannot be taken past the bounds of death.  When our heavenly Father shall return for His kingdom, then only those lasting qualities which a mother has lovingly and prayerfully instilled in her children will remain.

Alas now many see only through the dim grime of the tarnished coin, but then it will be taken away.  Then, without distraction we shall see God's standard for families and homes.

And now abideth day nurseries, care givers and mothers, these three, but the great of these is mothers.


Adapted from 1 Cor 13

By Ruth P. Faulkner

© Lues 2012