· Keep Glad wrap in the fridge and it will stay straight as it comes off the roll.


· When tin baking dishes become rusty, fill with warm water and 1 tsp vinegar. Stand overnight and rust will wash off.


· Remove smell from rooms and cupboards by placing a couple of cotton balls in a small container to which have been added a few drops of eucalyptus.


· To prevent steel wool from rusting, place in a screw top jar of water and add a pinch of baking or washing soda.


· To remove marks from a scorched iron, rub with silver polish.


· To remove chewing gum, use kerosene or turpentine or place in freezer and then peel off.


· Treat scratches on timber furniture by rubbing with dark shoe polish for dark timber, light for light timber. Continue until right colour match is obtained.


· Chop up banana skins and mix them in the soil around rose bushes. They provide silica, calcium, sulphur phosphate and sodium, all of which roses thrive on.


· Wash your nylon shower curtain with towels each week and the towels will help keep the curtain from going stiff.


· To prevent onions repeating and to aid digestion of same, add a little ground ginger when using onions in cooking.


· To prevent crying while peeling onions, hold under cool water while peeling. Alternatively, place onions in the freezer for a couple of minutes.


· Identify puzzle pieces by coding each piece on the back with a coloured mark or letter. Certainly helps when several get jumbled together or stray pieces turn up.


· Always keep a selection of toys and books stored away to produce on a wet day or for a sick child. It’s amazing the effect a toy has if it hasn’t been seen for a while. This is also a good idea when young children get so many toys at one time. After the initial sighting, put most of them away and produce periodically throughout the year.

· When measuring honey, maple syrup or molasses, measure oil first, or rub a little oil inside cup and honey will slide out easily.


· Beans, spaghetti, noodles, etc. will not boil over or stick together if 1 tbs cold pressed vegetable oil is added to cooking water.


· Vegetables stay fresh longer if they are not washed until needed.


· When just a squeeze of lemon juice is needed, stick the lemon with a fork to get juice rather than slicing lemon. This will keep the lemon fresh longer.

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