December  2010

Dear Above Rubies Readers!

Dear Above Rubies reader,

Above Rubies #79 has now been sent all across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

I am sure you have received your magazine by now. I know you will be

enjoying it.

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100 Days of Blessings NOW AVAILABLE IN South Africa!

Wrist Bracelets NOW AVAILABLE IN South Africa!

I Messed up with Above Rubies #78

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Update on the Lues Family

Early this year, on the 29th of January, the Lues family grew to 10 members and little Michael, Jonathan is an absolute blessing.  He started crawling a month ago.  I’m delighted every time my baby starts crawling - they are less frustrated and can go where they want to.  It must be very frustrating to be so dependent on others, on top of it you’re not able to explain to them where you want to go, (or at least they don’t understand you, if you try to) and then you have to cry to get their attention when you want to move or show your disapproval of where they took you! 

We now have 6 boys and two girls and I do know I’m raising 4 little boys five years and under!  Some evenings, like tonight I can only cry out to the Lord for wisdom and peace!  And then I’m grateful for the Lord’s work in me, making me holy through my children.  There is no way I would have  been able to grow in holiness, without the trials and tribulations and frustrations  of having my children!

Just to give you and example:

I’ve potty trained Daniel (2years and 4months) three weeks ago and I’m sorry to say potty training is easily the most challenging job of motherhood for me!  With five of my six children before Daniel, I blew it constantly while potty training them (to my shame), Heidi-Mari potty trained herself while visiting with her grandparents!  A mother erupting like  a volcano by no means makes it easy and safe on a child while making the huge transition of using a potty instead of a nappy which he was used to all his life!  But I only realized it after having potty trained 6 children. While potty training David two years ago I knew I needed help, and purchased an e-book on potty training.  Some of it’s information needed to be implemented six months before you actually start potty training and it didn’t benefit me at that stage, but the information on the potty training itself, helped a lot.  

This time around, I did  many things different, due to my experience with six children and the information in the book and Daniel was potty trained in 24 hours!!! The first day he wet his pants at least twice an hour, but I didn’t even got near to being stressed and the next day he didn’t miss once.  Not even doing #2 was an issue!  So praise the Lord, we as Mothers, do improve over the years! God is graceful and full of mercy on Mothers and gently lead them while they’re having young children.  Therefore I know I can plead to the Lord to have grace on my older children, with whom I’ve messed up big time as well as on my younger children, with whom I’m still messing up big time!

For more on our family visit us at

100 Days of Blessings NOW AVAILABLE IN South Africa!

While constantly crying out to the Lord for wisdom and guidance in raising, training and teaching my children and loving my husband the way he wants to be loved, I’ve received a very special book two months ago, helping me to live more in God’s grace and truth, love and mercy - 100 Days of Blessings by Nancy Campbell.  This book is an absolute blessing to a wife and mother!   It is filled with encouraging messages for women who choose to do things differently to the world and get persecuted and ridiculed in the process.   Nancy’s messages fill you with hope and excitement, while reminding you of the great and awesome work you are doing not only in this life, but also for eternal life!

So, I’ve immediately ordered this book from Nancy to be able to make it easier for South African Readers to purchase it.  And I’m delighted to say, I’ve received the books, today!  They are now available from Above Rubies South Africa for R99 (included a donation of R20 for Above Rubies with every purchase).  If you still want to order for Christmas presents, please let me know immediately and we can post it with, normal posting R35 or overnight shipping R55.

Wrist Bracelets NOW AVAILABLE IN South Africa!

While Nancy’s sister Kate proof read her book 100 Days of blessing she stuck little Post-it Notes to her arm.  Nancy curiously asked her what she was doing, to which she replied: “There are so many statements in this book that are life-changing.  I don’t want to forget them, you should get bracelets with these slogans on them so mothers can look at them and be reminded of these truths throughout the day.”

Well, Nancy did exactly that and knowing it would be too expensive for mothers to purchase fancy embossed bracelets, she has printed eight different rubber wrist bands with positive affirmations for mothers and wives.


(did you know there is a difference between loving motherhood and loving your children?)



(In a world that feel nothing for and constantly attacking the sacred covenant between husband and wife)



(one of my favourites, how we need to be reminded of that while taking care of all the many needs of our family, often without recognition)


(with 4 very busy, demanding, self centered, little boys in the house, I need to be reminded about that too, seeing the bright side)



(while the world is looking down on committed stay-at-home-mothers)

And these bracelets I’ve got too!  They are available at R20 each or R99 for the eight bracelets! You save R60! Please order quickly if you still want them for Christmas.  I can also send them overnight for the same deal as the devotions - overnight shipping for only R20 extra, normal posting R35 and overnight shipping R55.

I Messed up with Above Rubies #78

I do hope every Above Rubies Reader has received Above Rubies #79, by now!  We sent it out during November.  If you haven’t receive it yet, please contact me.

I also have to confess that while sending out Above Rubies #78, in June this year, we temporary lost some data, and some Above Rubies subscribers HAVEN’T RECEIVED Above Rubies #78!  I am so sorry about that!  Will you please go check if you’ve received Above Rubies #78.  If not, please e-mail me, so I can add #78 with #80!  I have at least 2 boxes of #78 left over after we’ve send out all the envelopes and bulk orders, but I have no way to check who received it and who did not.

Would you like to write for Rubies Rubies?

Nancy Campbell is currently working on the next issue of Above Rubies. Once one is

completed, she immediately starts on the next. She has a few subjects she would like to

cover in the coming issue (and later issues, depending on what space 

is available).

If you have a personal testimony,  you may like to write about any of the following subjects, I want to encourage our South African Readers to send in your testimonies.  In Above Rubies #80 we have TWO South African Testimonies! I think it is much more trustworthy and encouraging for our South African Readers to read testimonies from their OWN people.  Of course, Nancy is not limited to the following subjects and is open to hear from you if you have something special to write about that will

particularly bless our readers.

It is very important to use the right protocol when submitting articles and carefully read the following instructions, followed by the subjects Nancy Campbell is particularly interested in:

Email your testimony to Nancy as a Word Attachment. Type

only one space between sentences. Try to keep it to 1500

words or less, unless it is a very powerful story. Shorter is


At the end of the article please give the following information:

1.    Your name

2.    Your husband's name

3.    City, State and Country

4.    Email address (I definitely need your email address at the

end of the article)

When Nancy decide to print your testimony, she will email you for the current names

and ages of your children and for an up-to-date family picture.



Do you have a testimony of how God has provided for you on a one-income family, or how God has shown His faithfulness since you have decided to become a full-time mommy, or how you have seen God's provision when He has blessed you with another baby? Nancy will definitely be doing this feature in the coming issue, so send your testimony as soon as possible. Type PROVISION in the Subject Line.



Please, if God has restored your marriage or done a work of His grace in your marriage, Nancy would love to hear from you. Satan is out to attack marriage because it reveals the divine truth of Christ andHis church. We want to build up, strengthen and encourage marriages. A testimony of God's working in your marriage to bring healing can be such a blessing to many other marriages. Type MARRIAGE in the Subject Line.



After reading the manual, Gate-Keepers of the Home, one mother has asked for testimonies from other mothers as to how they guard their home from the inroads of the enemy. Type GUARD in the Subject Line.



Another mother has asked to hear from other mothers as to how they train their children to behave during Family Devotions. What are your secrets? Also, we'd love to hear from you about the way you conduct your Family Devotions in your home or different ideas that you do in your family. Type DEVOTIONS in the Subject Line.



A young mother who has not yet experienced the joys of a large family complained that she would not want a big family because there would not be enough time to spend with each individual child and that the children would miss out on many things that

children of two-child families would receive. This is a fallacy and therefore we would love to hear from mothers and young people of large families to share how it really works in a

large family. I'd especially love to hear from the young people. Type LARGE FAMILIES in the Subject Line.



Another mother has asked for ideas for keeping her energetic "real" little boys occupied while homeschooling other children and watching a baby. What ideas do you have to keep them positively occupied instead of "wrecking the house?" Type BOYS in the Subject Line.

Above Rubies on Facebook

Maybe some of you already know, Above Rubies is now on Facebook. 

We are very happy with the Above Rubies Facebook as it is so encouraging and not a time-waster. JUMP ON, if you haven't already. You will be blessed. Michelle Kauenhofen

(mother of 11 beautiful children,  the Moderator of the Above Rubies Facebook, and the Director of Above Rubies in Canada) and/or Nancy Campbell, herself, write a little word of encouragement to you each day. You won't waste your time on this Facebook. Come each day to get an encouraging word to strengthen you in your high calling of mothering and then get off the computer and on to your great job of mothering and training your children, the greatest career in the nation. I know that if you pop in for a few minutes each day, you'll be inspired for the rest of the day.

Above Rubies South Africa Yahoo group

Marelize Keyter, a South African Above Rubies Reader, identified a need to talk to Above Rubies ladies who want to live a Spirit Filled life in body, mind, heart and choices, also the choice of giving God control over how many children they have. This choice often leads to a very lonely road and she wants to create a platform to address questions, share tears, trials, tribulation, but also share testimonies of joy and deliverance while walking this road. Click here to join in online discussions.

Thank you for your Donations!

Last but not the least, I want to thank our faithful Above Rubies Readers for their generous donations over the past 12 months!  You out gave my wildest dreams and we were able to pay every dollar on previous years’ Above Rubies printing costs and shipment to South Africa!  I must say it felt really good to have leveled 2009’s account with Above Rubies headquarters!

Can I ask that we do the same with 2010’s account and have enough to fly Colin and Nancy Campbell in for one or two retreats in South Africa?  It will only be possible if each and every one of our 600 plus Above Rubies Readers donate only R10 per month, during 2011!  Please pray with me that the Lord will enable and remind every Reader to donate to Above Rubies South Africa and we can make the miracle happen - Having Colin and Nancy Campbell in South Africa for encouraging retreats!

I want to thank you with the words of a favourite song of mine by 

Thank You for Giving to the Lord by Ray Boltz

I dreamed I went to heaven

and You were there with me

We walked upon the streets of gold

Beside the crystal sea.

We heard the angels singing

Then someone called your name.

You turned and saw this young man

And he was smiling as he came.

And he said, "Friend you may not know me now"

And then he said, "But wait"

You used to teach my Sunday School

When I was only eight.

And every week you would say a prayer

Before the class would start.

And one day when you said that prayer

I asked Jesus in my heart."


Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am a life that was changed.

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave.

Then another man stood before you

And said, "Remember the time

A missionary came to your church

And his pictures made you cry.

You didn't have much money

But you gave it anyway.

Jesus took the gift you gave

And that's why I am here today."


Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am a life that was changed.

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave.

One by one they came

Far as the eye could see

Each life somehow touched

By your generosity.

Little things that you had done

Sacrifices made.

Unnoticed on the earth

In heaven now proclaimed.

And I know up in heaven

You're not supposed to cry.

But I am almost sure

There were tears in your eyes.

As Jesus took your hand

And you stood before the Lord.

He said, "My child look around you.

Great is your reward."

(Chorus twice)

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am a life that was changed.

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave.

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am a life that was changed.

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave.

Thank you for the difference you’ve made with your donation and/or by liberally handing out Above Rubies magazines whenever you have the chance!

May you and your family have a blessed Christ-Centered feast and my the Lord go before you in 2011.

Lots of love

Linnie Lues and family

© Lues 2012